Tea: A Brief History

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tea is one of the best well-enjoyed beverages worldwide, and also for legitimate motives. It’s delicious, energising, and contains a lot of probable health and fitness benefits. But in which does tea originate from? Which are the various kinds of tea? And just how in case you be brewing it for max flavour and satisfaction? With this article, we shall response each one of these inquiries and more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a fantastic mug of the favored tea!

History of Tea

Tea has been in existence for many years, and its particular actual origins are a bit of a suspense. Some feel that tea started in Asia, while others say it started in India. What we know is tea was first brought to the Western inside the 17th century by Dutch dealers. Tea quickly became extremely popular in Europe, specially among the United kingdom. In reality, tea ingesting became this kind of a huge part of British culture which it even enjoyed a role within the American Emerging trend!

Forms of Tea

There are many different forms of tea, but they can broadly be split into two categories: black color tea and natural tea. Black teas are the most common kind of tea on earth and can include well-liked varieties like Earl Grey and English Breakfast. Green teas are less oxidized than black color teas and so are thought to have more health advantages. Some preferred natural teas involve matcha and sencha.

Preparing Tips

As you now know a bit more about tea, it’s time to figure out how to produce the right glass! The first task is to decide on the right kind of tea for the preference. If you’re uncertain where to begin, attempt black colored tea or natural tea. As soon as you’ve selected your tea, it’s time to add more water. Water ought to be with a rolling boil when you pour it within the tea leaves. Allow the tea to high for three to five a few minutes, then enjoy!

Bottom line

Tea can be a tasty, refreshing beverage which includes numerous potential health and fitness benefits. Now you know a little more about its history and the way to produce it, get out there and have a mug of tea nowadays! Cheers!


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