What To Do At Hanauma Bay Hawaii

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Hanauma bay is a marine bay located at the southeast coast of Honolulu in Hawaii. It’s very popular as a tourist attraction and one of the most famous on the Hawaiian Islands. It’s both a nature preserve and a marine life conservation district.

Although visitors are allowed to come and watch the marine life and ecosystems up close, they aren’t permitted to treat the animals in any way detrimental to them. Further, visitors cannot touch or have any type of contact with coral heads, so as to conserve them. It stands to become one of the most beautiful places on the islands.

More about Hanauma bay:
The coral heads look like rocks on the ocean, which make them seem very unique and magnificent. In addition, in 2002, a marine education centre was started at the entrance of the bay to educate visitors about the bay. This included instructions about the character of life discovered and flora and fauna found on the bay. Along with this, the people need to see a film which tells them about how they could help in preservation of the bay. Next, they could sign a form which affirms that they’ve seen the movie and are aware of the character of their environment.

Final verdict:
Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, owing to the distinctive scenery and a beautiful wildlife is an extremely attractive place and promotes adventure sports such as snorkelling. Due to the range of flora and fauna as well as the things and actions one can pursue this bay sees a lot of tourist footfall on a daily basis. It is, however, closed on Tuesdays for the tourists to let 1 day for the fishes to feed no restrictions or interruptions by the swimmers.

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